What’s Up! My name is Tyrell Black. I’m a newly established Performing Artist & Educator. I have been dancing professionally since 2009; specializing in the dance styles of Popping & Hip Hop. My works and practices have taken me to the following; USA, UK, Europe, China & Cross Canada. Gratefully, to date I have been awarded a collection of achievements both solo & group oriented such as; certificates, competition winnings, and prize opportunities (specifics are noted in my résumé).


But to get a little more on a personal level, I’m a street dancer for life! I absolutely love the underground dance culture. Whether it be dance battles, cyphers exchanges, endlessly expressing myself as my soul awakens from the sound of music, unifying with countless others globally with or without even speaking a single word, and of course, learning new lessons that help cultivate a better version of “Tyrell Black”. I am forever a student chasing mastery, I strive to remain open-minded and continuously train under the top industry & underground dancers.


On another note… when I’m not teaching a class or showcasing my robot skills, I am doing everything in my power as a young social entrepreneur to help contribute to the evolution of the dance community. Yes! Tyrell Black is also the CEO & Founder of BLVCKOUT, a project based organization that serves as a platform for aspiring artists. (A social entrepreneurship business based in Toronto, Canada). At the end of the day my overall mission in regards to dance is simple: To engage the world in a revolution! Either with BLVCKOUT, my art form or just as another human being.


“Fate Never Promises”-Tyrell Black.

No matter what walk of life you may come from we as people all have the ability to overcome any adversity with love and sharing. Follow your heart, live your passion and share your purest light. Anything is Possible!

Any questions regarding my history, experiences or qualifications I will happily answer all.

Thank you for your time.

-Tyrell Black